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A Beautiful Rainbow :iconkesuki:kesuki 0 0
The wind blew gently, yet her hair danced like a stream of angels.  Nancy was so beautiful, riding her bike, my breath was nearly taken away as our eyes connected. Suddenly Hell broke loose before my eyes as the Devil's car, a red 1969 Dodge charger Daytona, rammed into Nancy at full speed. Time slowed to a crawl as her body was crushed and tossed into the air.  She slammed into the ground and her head bobbed and twisted like she was some collector's toy.  She lay motionless as the vehicle sped away.
I lurched awake covered in a cold sweat.  This was the third time this week I'd had the same nightmare.  I got up and washed up in the bathroom down the hall. I couldn't possible go back to sleep yet, so I went to my barely furnished living room, and picked a favorite book off the shelf.  A sharp pain cut into my back, and my eyes flood with white as my heart is cut in half.  I collapse into a pool of my own blood, and l
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Happy volcano by kesuki Happy volcano :iconkesuki:kesuki 0 1
The princess and the Tux
The Princess and the Tux.
Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, there was a King who knew no mercy.  His motto, "There can be only one."  With this determination, he conquered all the known world. There was no army, no nation that could stand before his might.  This is not his story, for during his conquests, he met a Princess.  They fell in love, or at least He did, and they were wed.  It took little time for the stork to arrive, carrying their first born daughter.  She was named Michelle.  
Michelle grew up in the lap of luxury, as would be expected of the daughter of the most powerful king in history.  However, she grew up in an emptiness, everyone around her feared her.  At night she cried herself to sleep, because no one understood.  She couldn't try explaining to her father, because he would just order someone executed.  Her mother was no help either, she would order t
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Kenosha fire
"Come on Eagle" Falcon said. "we are almost inside the Kenosha Nuclear Reactor building."
"Falcon, I don't think we should put the bomb too close to the reactor," Eagle said. With all the radiation how would All the blades of grass survive she thought. "i mean what if the gaurds catch us?"
"Don't be ridiculous," Falcon said. "We've been training for this mission for almost a year now. You aren't turning chicken on me, because if you are you can just leave now." She diesn't even know that Green Peace hadn't given permision for them to bomb the Kenosha plant.  What if she had found out?  What if she was only here to stop me, The Falcon, the enemy of all polluters Falcon thought.
"I'm not chicken," Eagle said, "It's just that I don't think we should go through with this..this atrocity against nature."  Did falcon suspect that she was really a CIA agent sent to infiltrate Green Peace after an attempted bombing of a chemical manufacture plant?&
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United States
Current Residence: earth. unfortunately.
i don't really do this or the whole writing thing... i am trying to focus on positive things, and trying to write when i feel it is all crap doesn't do it for me anymore. i use social media under my real name, but i don't run an IM client except in browser (yahoo mail im, facebook im, g+ etc...) i don't like suffering so i have been cutting out the worthlessness and replaced it. also to blame is netflix and crunchyroll. finally i can watch things i never got to see before, in some cases. my understanding was elevated but as usual it crashed shortly after. i don't game except on weekends because the gaming wasn't a real positive force in my life. i am on freenode irc as well though it's just a small group of young adults interested in linux.  i know why i couldn't attract girls in my past, but now i wonder because i did change, and it is one of the few downward drags in my life, being unpopular with the ladies.

I am in uncharted territory here because as part of the change i had to stop automatically doing what people told me to do (within reason, but it was a warped reasoning process) but then i don't trust my computers to be running at night unless i am awake. except the cellphone.

i have managed to break and okcupid is hard unless you crack the code and figure out which questions to answer to get maximal positives. which is real some math phd actually did. i was never that smart and to further confuse i have 2 okcupid accounts cause i forgot the old one completely. oh well i am a freeloader i guess i am on disability which was a big part of the turnaround in my way of thinking. it just irks me though, because i have met women in real life who maybe liked me, but it never gets anywhere. even though i have changed. bleh this is turning bad, i don't even know if anyone reads this oh well.


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